Discover Why You Need To Rent A BMW M3

If you’re needing to rent a car you may be considering which one you would like to get. If you’re looking for something that’s nice, you might consider the BMW M3. Depending on what the rental service you go to has available, you might get a hardtop or convertible. This is an awesome car that’ll have you looking great and it’s lots of fun to drive.


An M3 has a V8 with a 4-liter engine. the engine produces over 400 horsepower. That’s enough power for most enthusiasts. It comes with a 7-speed automated manual transmission that allows renters to shift the gears lightning fast. The double clutch automated transmission gives the driver smooth flow while shifting. The car is high revving and red lines at 8400 RPM.

Many of the car rentals that offer this car as an option understand that anyone who wants an upscale luxury car such as this, will want it to be well equipped. For that reason, many of them will offer this car with heated seats, iPod integration, navigation, and many more incredible features. It has Bluetooth wireless technology that allows you to connect your phone and operate it safely and hands-free. The BMW M3 rental comes with a premium audio system that has 10 speakers for the driver to listen to their favourite music.

The M3 is emblematic of an exotic car rental which will give drivers all the amenities they would expect in such a rental. The navigation system will keep you fully abreast of all of the traffic situations and help you to find those places that are out of the way. Many of the car rentals offer the service of bringing the car to you if it’s difficult for you to get to it.

Additional Features

1. Voice Command

This feature allows the driver to dial numbers from their address contacts in their phone without using their hands. It also allows the driver to change audio tracks or the radio stations as well as programming and of course the navigation. This is a fabulous feature only found in very upscale vehicles. It’s cool and convenient.

2. Electronic Dampening Control (EDC)

Some car rentals will have a choice of the M3 convertible with the electronic dampening control. This allows the driver to decide on the height and the settings of the shock absorbers based on their particular needs. Depending on how it is set, the driver could feel the ride of the M3 immediately stiffening which will help to corner easier and better.

3. HD Radio

As you would expect, an upscale car rental like the BMW M3 comes with HD radio. It allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations with the quality that only high-definition can bring. That combined with its 10 speaker system produces a quality of sound that is not found in most cars.

Rent a BMW M3 today. It will be a fabulous experience and one that you won’t soon forget. Enjoy the ride.

Securing A Luxury Car Rental In Nice For A Great Vacation

Visiting Nice is a way to enjoy a wealth of experiences, whether you want to be able to do a bit of sightseeing or if you are going to be in the area for rest and relaxation. However, this is an experience that will be even better once you have a luxury car rental in Nice that you can use to get from one location to the next.

Hiring the right vehicle from to fulfill your needs while you are in the region can offer you new ways to see everything without having to worry about trying to call a car service or relying on local transportation.

vehicle-audi-hireLocated on the French Riviera, Nice is the fifth largest city in all of France and one of the top tourist destinations. This is known for being a cultural melting pot, filled with a wide range of shops, restaurants and other incredible stops that you can make along the way.

The climate of this beautiful seaside setting is sunny and mild, making for a lovely day of checking out all of the landscape and taking pictures to capture memories. When you are driving a luxury rental in the area in and around Nice, you have the ability to choose where you go, when you go, and how long you will stay to enjoy yourself.

Are you looking for an excellent view to behold? If so, you can think about planning an adventure at the Observatory, located on the top of Mon Gros. There is also beautiful Mont Boron, where there is a villa that is owned by Sir Elton John.

While you have the luxury car rented out for adventures in Nice from Hotwire cars or Apex Luxury Car Hire, you can think about exploring all of the sandy beaches picturesque villages and stunning villas that dot the countryside. If it happens to be a sports car that you rent for your time in Nice, you will have the chance to take in an unforgettable journey behind the wheel of a vehicle that offers both power and luxury.

Are you not sure of the specific brand that you are looking for as a luxury car rental in Nice? Working with the right car rental service will allow you the opportunity to learn all about the available options so that you can pick out the perfect car to meet your needs and fall in line with your budget. Overall, this is one experience that you will love, especially when you are able to take control of the scheduling for all of your adventures.…